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Global RusTrade representatives held a seminar for companies of the Altai Republic

December 21, 2021

Global RusTrade representatives held a seminar for companies of the Altai Republic
On December 21, in Gorno-Altaisk, Executive Director of GlobalRusTrade Irina Ipatova held a seminar on e-commerce for companies in the Altai Republic, most of which are manufacturers. Tatiana Loginova, Director of the Export Support Center of the Altai Republic, made an opening speech. The event was attended by companies for the production of tea, honey and beekeeping products, sweets, sausage products, products from maral antlers, mummies, etc.

Irina started the seminar by listing the main e-commerce channels such as social networks, online stores and marketplaces. Companies need to pay a lot of attention to working with social networks to increase its effectiveness: to determine the goal, focus on those social networks where the target audience sits, analyze the pages of their competitors and popular bloggers, choose a content policy and compile a post rubric.

Marketplaces are the easiest and fastest way to start trading online and export. The speaker told the participants of the seminar about the advantages and possibilities of the Russian export marketplace, demonstrated successful cases of exporting goods around the world, and also shared the main tips for presenting products on Internet resources. These include requirements for photo, title and description of the product.

The photo should be of high quality, with a light background, no blur. In the gallery, it is desirable to place several photos from different angles of the product. The name is best formed as follows: product name, product name and / or model, important parameter, brand. The description and characteristics must be complete, accurately conveying the functional properties and appearance of the product. Information about the range of products must be kept up to date, especially prices.