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Argentina has become a serious partner of the Portal

November 2, 2015
Argentina has become a serious partner of the Portal

    In the framework of the visit of the representatives of the Portal to Argentina, a clear trend was identified for cooperation in the line of business associations. In addition, the Portal aroused great interest among business representatives.

    The visit of representatives of the Portal to Argentina was full of events: meetings were held with business associations, businessmen, partners and representatives of the stock exchange of Argentina. The Argentine side holds serious hopes for the work of the Portal, including, in connection with the planned positive changes in the country, related to the forthcoming presidential elections.

    During the visit, certain agreements were reached on the interaction between the Portal and the following organizations: the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Manufacturing of Argentina, the Argentine Stock Exchange, ExportAr ExportAr and the Chamber of Argentina-Russia. During the negotiations, positive results were achieved and agreements were established in the field of business interaction, information exchange, advertising activities.

    Business representatives expressed a high interest in the Portal, began to register, and some noted the high speed of interaction with the Portal Directorate and the effectiveness of the Portal team. The companies producing meat, dried milk, wine and other agricultural products, as well as business from the sphere of metallurgy and industrial equipment, have already managed to evaluate the portal's performance.