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An online conference "Export is the key to a successful business" was held in Veliky Novgorod

November 25, 2021

An online conference "Export is the key to a successful business" was held in Veliky Novgorod

On November 25, Veliky Novgorod hosted the IV regional conference "Export is the key to a successful business", which was organized by the Novgorod Export Support Center. The event was held in a hybrid format and brought together speakers from all over the world.

The conference mainly discussed issues related to trade abroad through marketplaces and other e-commerce tools. However, they also touched upon the development of the export potential of Novgorod enterprises, government mechanisms to support exports and the specifics of entering the markets of Europe, Asia and North America.

Many speakers noted the convenience of marketplaces for promoting Russian goods abroad and talked about the nuances of placing companies on various online platforms.

Anna Nesterova, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Global Rus Trade, made a presentation in which she spoke about the advantages of trading on the marketplace and the possibilities of exporting through such platforms. She also explained why it is more convenient for Russian companies to start working with Russian marketplaces and what aspects should be taken into account and studied by companies for more effective sales on online trading platforms.

In her speech, Anna Nesterova shared the successes of the Russian export marketplace Global Rus Trade: it presents thousands of companies whose products are delivered to 120 countries, and the site has been translated into 11 languages for the convenience of sellers and buyers around the world. Russian products, including children's toys made from natural materials, organic cosmetics and folk arts and crafts, are in demand among foreign buyers. According to the speaker, 90% of orders come from abroad.