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Global Rus Trade became a member of the Interregional Export Forum

November 22, 2018

    February 22, within the framework of the Interregional Export Forum, a Digital FEA Workshop was held.

    The moderator was the managing partner, the creator of the Territory Ecosystem methodology.

    Alexander Morozov.

    The event was addressed by General Director of Global Rus Trade Elena Tudiyarova,

    Executive Director, Product Owner of, PJSC Sberbank Arsen Dumikyan,

    Head of B2B Marketing in Russia and in the emerging markets of Europe eBay

    Maxim Uvarov, vice president of sales and marketing for DHL Express in Russia, Anna Klinskova

    and PAL Executive Director - official service partner of in the Russian Federation Dmitry


    The speakers of the seminar noted that successful foreign economic activity of enterprises

    promotes the use by suppliers of a large number of electronic trading platforms, or

    marketplace in order to promote their products.

    Arsen Dumikyan presented the results of the work of his product, and also drew attention to the fact

    that not only goods, but also services have a high export potential. As

    example of Arsen led Russian IT-specialists who manage to successfully promote their

    services abroad.

    Maxim Uvarov spoke about retail exports of goods from Russia. Speaker presented statistics

    recent research in this area. So, according to the submitted data, the volume of shipments

    Russian products ordered through the marketplace, has grown more than 2 times in the last

    two years. According to the expert, marketplaces are a sign of the reliability of the products of those

    manufacturers who do not have brand recognition abroad.

    Elena Tudiyarova outlined the features of the export of goods and services in the B2B sector. For example

    the work of the portal Global Rus Trade expert showed that foreign trade activities in

    wholesale sales become easier with the use of marketplaces. In addition, Elena

    gave important practical advice to entrepreneurs who are planning to go to foreign

    markets. Among the councils, the importance of placing product certificates was noted, which

    increases the confidence of potential partners, an indication of export experience, high-quality photos and

    text content.