ДюнАстра / Stivali invernali da donna

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Women's boots are made using modern technology from the Material - DU-Care (EVA), an environmentally friendly polymer material. In these boots your feet will always feel warm and happy, even in long winter walks. In them your legs will cease to be tired, feel light, because the sole has good damping properties, and relieves stress on the spine. And in boots your feet are not frozen, because of the thermal insulation material DU-Care (EVA), from which they are made. They should not be afraid to slip or fall, because the sole has anti-skid properties. No dirt or snow adheres to the boots. They are suitable for beautiful women of any age. These boots are produced by the method of seamless cast casting, so they are absolutely waterproof. According to your order, we can produce with your brand logo and in any color. From Russia with love. Order now! Wholesales from 1 box. In the box of 5 pieces. The price is per 1 box.


Stivali da donna modello 324
ЭЛАСТИЧНЫЙ, плотный , морозостойкий полимер с микросферами из специальной композиции EVA DU-Care * ТЁПЛЫЙ * Отличное сцепление с поверхностью (противоскольжение) * ЗАЩИЩАЕТ ноги в мороз, До -25С * УСТОЙЧИВ К ИСТИРАНИЮ * ЛЕГКИЙ, в 4 раза легче ПВХ * ГИБКИЙ * ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ВОДОНЕПРОНИЦАЕМАЯ ГАЛОША * Верх из водонепроницаемой ткани * Имеет память, принимает форму стопы * Теплый, втачной утеплитель * ТРАНСФОРМИРУЕТСЯ В ПОЛУСАПОЖКИ * КЛЕЙ не используется * ГАРАНТИЯ 30 ДНЕЙ, Сертификат соответствия

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