ДюнАстра / Scarpe da donna

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This is the long-awaited novelty of 2018 women's summer shoes, ideal for sea, beach recreation, sauna, and swimming pool. Polymer material with air microspheres - DU-Clingy (AERO PVC), gives shoes elasticity and increased flexibility, durability, softness. This model of summer shoes completely adheres to the leg and does not fly off during the voyage, does not rub your foot. Non-slip, reinforced sole and sock, it's just a godsend for walking on a pebbly, wet surface, swimming in the sea. The model is completely hypoallergenic and does not absorb odors, it is suitable for sensitive skin of the legs. Shoes are completely breathable (legs breathe in them). Very light shoes, in which the feet do not get tired of long walks. We do not use GLUE AND HEAVY METALS IN MANUFACTURE. According to your order We can produce shoes with your logo and in any color scheme. They are very easy to take care of and wash under the stream of water. Wholesale from 1 box. The price is per 1 box. In the box pieces. Made in Russia! Order now!


Women's shoes Model 852
цельнолитая модель * инновационный полимерный материал с воздушными микросферами - DU-Clingy (АЭРО ПВХ)придаёт модели: * упругость, гибкость * мягкость, подходит для чувствительной кожи * высокая эластичность, быстро восстанавливает форму. * уникальный дизайн * противоскользящая подошва * гипоалергенность * не впитывает запахи * износоустойчивость к истиранию * устойчивость к морской воде * усиленная подошва и носок * КЛЕЙ И ТЯЖЁЛЫЕ МЕТАЛЛЫ В ПРОИЗВОДСТВЕ НЕ ИСПОЛЬЗУЮТСЯ. * ГАРАНТИЯ 30 ДНЕЙ, Сертификат соответствия

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