ДюнАстра / Stivali invernali per bambini

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This 165mm high model is made especially for small children from Du-Care (EVA) material. Material EVA material keeps the heat well, which allows children not to freeze cold in winter. Boots are made taking into account the ergonomic features of the growing baby foot. The upper part of the boots is made of modern water-repellent, printed fabric, stitched with a warm fleece and breathable porous synthetic fabric, equipped with an internal, sewn elastic band for better fit to the pedicel. The bottom of the duffers consists of EVA and woolen socks, which allows them to be worn at t 20C. For the safety of your children in the evening, in front of the boot, there is a sewn retro-reflective edging. The top of the boot has a cuff with a pulling rubber band, with a latch to prevent water and dirt from getting inside. Boots are very easy to care for, wash in a washing machine at -30C. We can produce boots with your logo and in any color version. Boots produced in Russia. Order now!


Stivali invernali per bambini Modello 573

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