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Factory "Voronezhselmash" – the absolute leader in the production of equipment for post-harvest handling, drying and storage of grain! Factory "Voronezhselmash" — a leading Russian enterprise in the sphere of production of equipment for post-harvest processing — cleaning, drying, grain storage. 26 Sep 2012 the factory "Voronezhselmash" has opened a new production facility – the New plant "Voronezhselmash". The production capacity of the New plant allows us to say that Russia have got a modern enterprise, which now are able to cover the country's needs in grain Elevator and grain cleaning equipment, not inferior in quality to the equipment of foreign manufacture. The production base of the new plant "Voronezhselmash" is one of the most advanced in the field of agricultural engineering. Most modern Metalworking equipment of foreign production, not having analogues in Russia, allows to make products of the highest precision, quality and almost any level of complexity. Introducing the first and only separator that sorts the product color, shape and size. With high-resolution cameras and scanning speed of up to 50000 frames per second, the purity of grain as high as 99.99%. With the help of spectrophotometer removed spectra of reflection, thus, is determined by the maximum contrast between standard and non-liquid raw materials. The separator is simple to operate and setup process. Has good performance and will last a long time.


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