Fosfato defluorato grado "P" (DFF)

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Qualitative indices of phosphate of defluorinated brand "P" TU 2182-001-56937109-2006 Indicator name - Norm according to TU / Established Mass fraction of total phosphates in terms of P205,% not less than - 41/43 Mass fraction of total phosphate (P),%, not less than - 18/19 Mass fraction of total phosphates in a lemon-soluble form in the recalculation on P205,% not less than - 32/34 Mass fraction of phosphates soluble in 0.4% solution of hydrochloric acid in terms of P205,% not less than - 41/42 Mass fraction of sodium (NA),%, not less than - 5/5 Mass fraction of calcium (CA),%, not less than - 30/31 Type of packaging: polypropylene bags of 50 kg +/- 2% or 1000 kg. (big-bag) Basis of delivery: French-wagon station of destination Car type: universal (indoor) Defluorinated phosphate grade "P" (DFP) is a highly effective environmentally friendly fodder additive with an increased content of citric-soluble form of phosphorus, which contributes to an increase in the digestibility of nutrients in the natural feed. These products are manufactured at LLC "PG" Phosphorit "and tested by an integrated quality management system. Brand "P" powder beige or light gray color without foreign mechanical impurities.

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