Fotoseparatore F 20.1

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The separator is necessary to separate the non-separated impurities with minimal losses. Deletes the infected grain reduces loss of good product. Using the separator to get high-quality planting material (quality seeds) and pure without impurities of the final product. Description: The supply unit product: • vibratory feeder pans of stainless steel; • the vibratory feeder of own production ; • sloped tray with an innovative sliding system MaxGlyde. 1. Opto-electronic unit: • LED backlight; • high-speed video cameras with computing units on the basis of dual-core processors, digital signal processing, with a linear sensor of 2048 pixels forming a digital image with ~ 4000 billion gradations of the brightness level and scan rate up to 15,000 lines per second; • automatic clean-up system with a timer. 2. Block valves: • pneumatic valve of the German manufacturer "MAC"; • preparation unit of the air "FESTO". 3. Control unit: Touch-sensitive controls, TFT LCD, Windows XP 4. Design: • stainless steel and aluminum coated for work with food products; • powder coating frame; • industrial glass, high strength ballistic protection system. 2 year warranty Lifespan of 9 years Free, professional commissioning of the separator and training Remote diagnostics in the same day Free design and embedding in the technological chain The type of energy consumption – AC 220 V 50 Hz Shipping - 25 business days if not in stock


Consumo d'aria
2000-4000 l / mien
Netto, kg
Dimensioni, mm
1.500 (L) x 2.230 (P) x 1.900 (H) Peso
220 V - 50 Hz
Consumo di energia
Alimentatore vibrante
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