ДюнАстра / Stivali da uomo

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These comfortable men's boots are made with and using the technology of two-component casting: The first layer of the sole provides good adhesion to the surface, high wear resistance. The second layer provides elasticity to the boots, 100% waterproof. For comfortable wearing in the cold season, the boots are equipped with a warm waterproof extension with a clip and removable insulation made of non-woven, hypoallergenic fabric, which has strength, lightness, and good thermal properties. Heaters are soft to the touch, resistant to abrasion and tensile. Heater has a front seam and a prismatic spout. The heel is reinforced with a back of a dense material "oxford D600". The upper section is processed with a bordering tape. Heaters have good air permeability, comfort, keep heat at low temperatures, which creates a reliable barrier to penetration of the cold from the outside. They are easily removed and dried. Boots are very easy to care for, just rinse with a hose or wipe with a damp sponge. According to your order, we can produce shoes with your logo and in any color version. From Russia with love! Order now! Wholesales from 1 box. There are 7 pairs in the box. The price is per 1 box.


Men's boots Model 171U

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