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Association of Exporters of Chile ASOEX cooperates with the Portal

15 febbraio 2016
Association of Exporters of Chile ASOEX cooperates with the Portal

    At the end of October, the launch of a business site for Latin American, South-East Asian and BRICS countries was announced is a business platform where companies can find customers for their products and attract investments in their project. We decided to learn more about this project from its founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Anna Nesterova. - Anna, hello! Please tell us more about the Portal. I understand correctly that if I am a meat producer, can I find a company on the Portal that I can sell my products? - Good afternoon! Thank you very much for inviting me to the interview. The Mutual Trade Portal of Latin America, Southeast Asia and the BRICS is a business platform where companies can find customers. You can both sell your products, and buy materials, components, or equipment. This means that if you are an exporter of meat - you will be able to find a sale in any of the 33 countries represented on the site. It's very simple: you register and you are looking for a partner for the given characteristics. In addition, on the site you can exchange messages using an automatic translator: sending a message in Spanish, a contractor from India will be able to read it in Hindi. The most important is our advantage - the site registers specific responsible employees of companies. They want to be contacted. Never before have sales been so simple! In addition, we gradually fill the site with legal information on export-import legislation, as well as support for exporters and investors. In addition, we provide an accompanying service, such as the company's withdrawal to the foreign markets, delivery and customs clearance of goods. We try to do everything to make it profitable for the company to export and purchase goods and services. - So, you have such a complex project. You not only help to find partners, but also fully support the deal. And what about financing? Do you give out loans? - We do not issue loans ourselves. But we have partners in both investment companies and banks that can issue loans and invest in business. Thus, on the site you can involve in your project both investments and credit resources. In addition, you can present your company if you want to sell this business. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you can go to the section "Open Investment Projects" on the site and place there information about what means you want to attract. - I understood everything. You provide almost full service for customer service. What is your marketing strategy and, most importantly, what is the price of using your site? - Really, we try to do everything that is required of us, so that our clients are interested in working with us. We started work only at the end of October. Despite this, the site already has several hundred companies. We are now very active, we are making sales, so we have so many customers. An important point is the fact that now we are working for free. While the project is new, we are doing everything to show our customers how we are effective. For us, success is measured by the number of transactions that our customers make. That's why for newly registered companies on our website, we find at least 5 potential customers. "Tell me, can I register now?" - Yes, you can, if you are a legal entity. Before allowing the company to work with the site, the moderator looks at whether the company has been operating for a long time and whether it corresponds to the international legal field. I want to draw your readers' attention to the fact that for the newly registered users the fact of filling in information about goods and services is important. Many do not fill these fields, so potential customers can not find them. - I think, among our members there is not a single company that would not be interested in the opportunity to register on the site! Especially now it's free. Thank you very much for the interview and I wish you success in the future!