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LLC 'Trade and Technical Home Tatneft'

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Descrizione dell'azienda

TATNEFT Trading and Technical House LLC is an enterprise for introducing new technologies to third-party oil companies. TTD implements technologies, equipment and materials manufactured by structural and subsidiary divisions of PJSC TATNEFT.
The objectives of the TTD include a comprehensive system of organizing production and marketing of products, focused on meeting the needs of specific consumers and making a profit.
Based on marketing research, TTD specialists are developing measures to study consumer demand and the competitive environment, to improve the product, to expand the product range.
According to the pricing policy, TTD forms demand, stimulates sales and promotions, organizes technical services and expands the range of services provided.
Thus, PJSC TATNEFT has created unique production facilities for the manufacture of pipes and tube lashes of increased reliability (more than 8,000 km per year) for the transportation of highly aggressive media.
Over the past 20 years, the use of these pipes in pipeline systems in Tatarstan oil fields has allowed:
* increase the average service life of pipelines more than 4 times;
* reduce the specific accident rate dozens of times;
* reduce operating costs by more than 25%;
* significantly improve the ecological situation in the region.
The introduction of enhanced reliability pipes at PJSC TATNEFT has made it possible to reduce the volume of their use for their own needs and free up capacities for sale to third parties. For work with pipes of PJSC TATNEFT, the personnel of oil companies undergo special training and certification by specialists of PJSC TATNEFT.
If the oil company has organized direct deliveries of pipes from factories, the TTD enters into contracts for the manufacture of enhanced reliability pipes from the customer’s material.
Despite the great competition, sales volumes of high-reliability pipes are constantly increasing, on average, by 15% per year. Pipes with internal polymeric coatings, the sales of which increased by more than 1.5 times, began to be in great demand in the market.
Also, PJSC TATNEFT has established production facilities for:
* manufacture of cable products for petroleum and other industries;
* manufacturing a wide range of petrochemical products;
* manufacturing of oilfield equipment;
* production of a large range of specialized automotive vehicles;
* production and assembly of technological vehicles;
* repair of imported and domestic equipment;
* service and implementation of advanced technologies.
The introduction of the above-mentioned technologies and technical means allowed to increase the turnaround time of wells and field equipment several times, and to use the released capacity for the sale of services to other oil companies operating in both the Russian and foreign markets.
The introduction of new technologies and equipment to third-party firms allows TTD:
* implement chain drives to sucker-rod pumps for small oil companies;
* supply heat exchange equipment to large refineries;
* supply cable products to leading domestic and foreign oil companies;
* to realize surplus inventory.
The Trade and Technical House Tatneft is a frequent participant of major thematic exhibitions in Moscow, Kazan, Ufa, Ashgabat.
Татарстан республика, Лениногорский, 423250 33
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