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Kids shoes factory Skorokhod


Husky Collection Top genuine leather + nubuck or velor + Matrix leather Real fur lining Insole natural fur + holofiber Sole frost-resistant polyurethane Mount on the foot zipper + lace Steam in box 6 (1,2,3) Options in the box 20-1, 21-2, 22-3 Sizes 20-22 HUSKEY COLLECTION Guard heat in any frost. 1. The design is closed with a valve that provides good disclosure - protection from wind and cold. 2. Shoelaces make it easy to adjust the shoes according to the width of the shaft and the rise. Zipper on the inside for easy donning. 3. Soft edging creates additional comfort. 4. The skin of the MATRIX on the toe and heel is structurally connected to the galoshes and performs the function of protection against churning and moisture. 5. A thick sole made of porous material has a low thermal conductivity. In combination with the insole of Hollofiber and natural fur gives the shoe an extraordinary ability to retain heat. Shoes are really warm. 6. Shoes are made on a block of extreme 5th completeness, taking into account all the allowances for insulated shoes and a thick insole. Shoes are very pushy.

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