Томик / Volume / Cadre-insert "Géométrie"

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Do you know what an educational toy called "insert frame" is? In fact, this is a simple, but at the same time very useful developmental model for toddlers from 1 year old. At this time, the first conscious ideas about the surrounding world are just beginning to form: the concept of the size and shape of objects, their texture, and color. The kid is just learning to distinguish a circle from a square, green from red, large from small. He begins to compare objects according to various criteria. And in obtaining these skills, an insert frame will help him. What does the toy consist of? - Wooden base in the form of a frame with recesses for various geometric shapes: square, triangle, circle - Wooden colored geometric figures Why are TOMIK toys so useful for children? Thanks to the "frame-insert" toy, the child develops spatial-logical thinking. He learns to understand what a part is, what a whole, what parts a square, a triangle or a circle can consist of. The kid matches the holes and the figures he has. He needs to understand why squares do not enter the hole for round objects and vice versa. To play with such small enough objects, the child needs to show remarkable skills in relation to the manipulation of small objects. And the more he exercises, the better he gets to cope with the assigned tasks. Note to parents Toys made of wood "TOMIK" are designed to become a new step in the development of more than one generation of the family. They are made from natural, lightweight and durable wood, which is covered with bright, non-toxic paints. Having bought an educational toy once, you will pass it on from older children to younger ones for more than one year. Even the biggest Skoda will not be able to break or smash a wooden toy! Inset frames were developed by the designers and specialists of the Tom-Service company - the creators of the TOMIK brand - in several geometric versions at once: geometry - several geometric shapes, circles and squares are combined. You can choose any of the proposed options. They will be equally interesting for the baby and useful for the development of the baby.

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