Tekila-Soap / Savon "Afrique"

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African soap with black coal and ylang-ylang essential oil.


- Suitable for normal to oily skin

- Cleanses the skin to squeak (without feeling tightness of the skin) from dead cells of the epidermis, gives the skin cleanliness and smoothness, improves its blood circulation and tone.

- Without damaging the skin, deeply cleanses the pores, removes excess skin fat secretions.

- African black soap itself is made using natural plant materials - Shea butter and coconut oil, containing a large amount of natural minerals and antioxidants, and is famous for its natural cleansing properties.

- Does not contain sulfates! It foams well, thanks to its high glycerin content, it perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes it pleasant to the touch.

- Ylang-ylang essential oil gives softness and velvety skin, regulates the sebaceous glands and stimulates the metabolism in cells.


For deep cleansing, thick foam is used, which is whipped with hands or using a special mesh. It is believed that it is the thick foam applied to the face that best cleanses the skin, removes impurities from the pores and narrows them.

The advantages of the mesh:

- with the help of a mesh, the cleaning agent is used more economically

- washing with thick foam is more thorough, deep

- the mesh is able to improve those cleansers that did not seem to you sufficiently foaming when washed out in the palms or on the face

- not enough soft cleansers due to the mesh seem softer, more delicate.


1. Moisten the soap with water, swipe it over the net several times

2. Beat the foam with a little water and a net

3. When the foam is enough squeeze the net so that the foam moves to the end

4. Without touching the face with your fingers, apply foam to the face, massage it as if from above on it. And then, gradually wetting the hands, remove the foam from the face, again slowly, without splashing water in the face.

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