What is the GlobalRusTrade.com electronic trading platform? Why is it profitable for me to list goods or services on GRT?

What is the GlobalRusTrade.com electronic trading platform? Why is it profitable for me to list goods or services on GRT?

GlobalRusTrade.com is your door to the world of international trade. We dissolve the language barriers that stand between the seller and the buyer. All pages of the marketplace are translated into 11 languages, so your products will be available for ordering from anywhere in the world. By May 2021, the order geography of Global Rus Trade has reached 93 countries – and this figure continues to grow.

The international marketplace Global Rus Trade helps manufacturers to find new customers and successfully export goods all over the world, giving them the opportunity to offer quality goods to buyers from Russia and other countries.

I want to place goods and services on the site. How should I do it?

To place goods and services – register using the link: https://globalrustrade.com/account/join/ . Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. To activate your account, you need to confirm your email address and fill in the information about the company - after that you will be able to post information about goods and services on the marketplace.

To obtain the status of a verified company, provide TIN, PSRN and legal address.

How much does it cost to place goods and services on the site?

Placing goods and services on Global Rus Trade is free. We also have several paid plans. They will allow you to place goods in several categories at the same time, obtain the status of a VIP seller, use all the possibilities of SEO-promotion and targeted placement in the catalog, get advice on export transactions, and much more. You can see all the tariffs and choose the one that suits you on this page: https://globalrustrade.com/tariffplans/

What kind of goods/services and in what quantity can be placed on the site?

On our site you can place any types of goods and services that are not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

On a free plan, you can place any number of goods and services. When you purchase one of the paid plans, you will have access to advanced options for placing and promoting goods on the marketplace. You can choose a suitable tariff on this page: https://globalrustrade.com/tariffplans/

What is multilingual chat and how does it work?

Global Rus Trade has a unique chat that will help you to communicate directly with customers from all over the world without a language barrier – taking orders and telling detailed information about the product.

In the chat, you can write in any language, your phrase will be automatically translated into one of 11 languages ​​spoken by the buyer (Russian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Turkish, German). In this case, his answers will be translated into your language. The translation takes a second, so it does not affect the speed of the conversation in any way.

How can I attract buyers and increase sales on the site?

We can advise you to create a product card carefully – after all, it will attract your potential customers. What is the first thing to pay attention to?

  1. Title. Many buyers search for products by name. It is important to create the title of each product card that reflects the main characteristics – brand, product name, unique properties. You can also add dimensions and other important information.
  2. Quality of images. Photos are the first thing a customer looks at. Upload good quality photos and show the product from different angles. Use professional photos on a solid background and images of products being used in real life. If the product comes with accessories, show them as well – this also affects the buying decision. Recommended photo size: 1200x1200 pixels.
  3. Detailed description. What is the uniqueness of your product? How is it useful for the buyer? Does it have important characteristics or additional advantages (handmade, natural materials, useful functions)? Be sure to tell about this in the text of the product card. It is also very important to add dimensions, materials, expiration dates and other important product specifications.
  4. Promotions and sales. Special promotions and participation in seasonal sales will help increase the recognition of your brand and attract buyers who may become regular customers of the brand in the future.

When you purchase one of the GRT tariffs, you will have access to additional promotion functions, for example, placing goods in an advertising space on the main page, SEO promotion or priority placement in the catalog. You can choose a suitable tariff on this page: https://globalrustrade.com/tariffplans/

What help can I get from Global Rus Trade experts?

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions related to the registration process on the marketplace and the placement of goods and services. We are also ready to provide you with recommendations for choosing partners who provide services related to an export-import transaction (certification, logistics services, translation of documents, customs clearance, etc.).