Доляна / Fregona spin-off, mango telescópico pintado de 120 cm, cepillo de microfibra, color MIX

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Is washing the floor boring? We disagree with that! The spin mop guarantees you a quick and, most importantly, easy cleaning. How can you resist such an onslaught of irrefutable advantages? Cleaning quality Maneuverability, lightness, compactness - an impeccable tool in operation will become a reliable assistant to a caring housewife in everyday chores. The ergonomic design allows you to bring perfect cleanliness even in the most difficult to reach areas of your home. Microfiber has a useful property - the ability to attract dust to itself. During cleaning, dust accumulates on the mop and is easily removed after immersion in water. Can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. Easy spin Efficient spin is ensured thanks to a special mechanism:


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