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Sheet glass colorless and extremely transparent

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Product description

Glass is produced by thermal molding on the surface of molten tin (Float method).
Sheet glass of grades M1 and M4 with a thickness of 4, 5, 6 mm is certified in the system of voluntary certification GOST R.
Sheet colorless and especially transparent glass is used in construction, production of mirrors, frosted glass, coated glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, etc. Glass products are perfectly used in outdoor works on building facades. It can be multi-family and individual residential houses, cottages, summer cottages, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, sports facilities, as well as unique art projects. Sheet glass can be used for interior work, creating partitions and solving many other architectural tasks.
* Individual approach to the requirements and wishes of consumers
* Delivery by road, rail, sea
* Supply of glass for export in containers
* Highest quality, confirmed by Russian and foreign customers
* Placing orders and monitoring their execution through the "Personal Account"
* Maximum neutral glass shade
* Ability to ship glass of certain formats without packaging
* Shipment on the terms of shipment at own expense
* Delivery to any regions of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad
Accumulated extensive experience with road, rail and sea transport allows for the delivery of glass to any place you wish.

General characteristics

Bending Strength for Design
15 МПа
Coefficient of thermal conductivity
1 Вт/(м·К)
Compressive strength
700-900 МПа
Density (at 18 ° C)
2500 кг/м10
Directional reflectance
Emission factor
Heat resistance
Heat transfer coefficient
5,8 Вт/(м2·К)
Knoop hardness number HK 0.1 / 20 *
6 * По ГОСТ ISO 9385.
Poisson's ratio
Refractive index
Softening point
Specific heat
720 Дж/(кг·К)
Temperature coefficient of linear expansion (in the temperature range from minus 40 ° С to 300 ° С)
(7-9) 10-6 K-1
Tensile strength
30 МПа
Young's modulus (elastic modulus)
7·1010 Па

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Price on request
Minimum batch : 2166 square meter
Price on request
Minimum batch : 2166 square meter
Price on request
Minimum batch : 2166 square meter
Price on request
Minimum batch : 2166 square meter