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Rubber paint for exterior wear and tear

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Product description

A novelty in the market of paint and varnish products is rubber paint, whose competitors at the moment simply do not exist, when it comes to decorating the roof, the facade, the floor of the balcony or the walls of the pool. Due to its universal composition, this coating can last for more than 10 years, preserving its original appearance, all its qualities and color. The technical characteristics of rubber paint allow it to be used for painting almost any surface.
Advantages and properties
Rubber paint for roofs and roofs is a composition of high quality, increased elasticity and wear resistance. Such a coloring substance is produced on a water basis and after drying it provides an attractive semi-glossy surface to the treated surface.
After drying, the layer of this paint forms a strong and elastic coating that resembles rubber to the touch.
To the properties, which are also its advantages, it is possible to relate:
excellent vapor permeability;
increased degree of wear resistance;
excellent adhesion to the substrate;
good hiding power of the surface;
high density and strength of the coating;
finished coating has anti-slip properties;
in the process of operation it does not crack, does not separate, does not "peel off".
Scope of rubber coating
Appearing in the market of paint and varnish products relatively recently, the rubber paint for the roof has already managed to gain a leading position, which is quite unsurprising. The fact is that, being a high-quality dyeing material, it can be used in a variety of finishing works.
If you want to paint the roof (roof) of the building, concrete walls or floors - better than rubber paint, not to find. This coating can be used for staining:
pools, walls and the bottom of which are made of concrete;
Roofs (slate, made of black or galvanized metal);
concrete floors on balconies;
brick surfaces;
tennis courts and sports grounds;
entrances to the garage;
wooden, plastered structures and other products.
Due to its composition and technical characteristics, it ensures the durability of the treated surface. This becomes possible due to the density and elasticity of the coating, which protects the substrate from the effects of environmental factors. Actually, that's why rubber paint is more in demand, unlike analogues.
Key recommendations for use
When using rubber paint as a substrate, it is recommended to use galvanized iron. This raw material showed itself best when interacting with the coloring composition.
Water-based roof paints can be safely applied to surfaces that are subject to high operational stress. To the final result of finishing works met expectations, the rubber paint is important to use correctly. At the very beginning, before the planned work front, the open paint should be stirred, but it can be diluted (not more than 10% of water) only for painting the first layer. Then alternately, after the final drying, you need to apply each layer of the color composition. You can use a brush or a roller. Optimum temperature is considered to be within + 5- + 35 degrees. To keep the composition of its elasticity, in the process of carrying out the work it is necessary to mix it periodically.
Thus, observing the main recommendations and adhering to the technology of finishing works, you can achieve excellent performance. As a result, the painted surface will be able to be used for many years and at the same time will delight the look.

General characteristics

green, blue, red, yellow, red brown

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