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Massage rug imitation of stones rigid

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Product description

Massage Mat
Imitation stones (hard)
Sizes of one puzzle 25x25x1.8cm
Bright flooring suitable for use in children's playrooms. In addition to the decorative effect allows you to make the floor warmer, which is important for rooms where children are most often without shoes.
You can use a rubber floor covering to decorate a children's room at home, great puzzles that you can still walk on, and kids will definitely like it. Parents will be pleased that you can not buy carpets that collect a lot of dust, and to warm the floor with this flooring.
Massage mats - the only coating with modules of different stiffness, thanks to the manufacturing material (PVC). This provides an optimal massage effect for children of different ages.
Between themselves, the modules are fastened according to the principle of a “puzzle” children's designer - a child of preschool age will be able to assemble the mat itself.
The variety of colors - from bright saturated to pale neutral shades.
Puzzles of various textures (stones, thorns, grass) can be connected to each other.
The coating is made of PVC without any impurities, the child will never get hurt on it.

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