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Fiberglass fittings

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The fiberglass fittings made by our plant have the following advantages:
* weight is 4-5 times lower than that of steel reinforcement;
* extremely low thermal conductivity;
* high resistance to chemicals;
* is a dielectric;
* not flammable;
* has high specific strength;
* it is not subject to corrosion;
* resistant to UV rays;
* able to work in a wide temperature range.
Our composite fittings have the following main characteristics:
* the lowest possible thermal conductivity;
* absolute corrosion resistance to alkaline media (concrete, mortar);
* refers to 1 group of chemical resistance to acids (sulfuric, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric) ammonia, marine, saline water according to GOST 9.071-76;
* fiberglass flexible connections have a linear-elastic character of deformation / load dependences;
* when bending and stretching has a minimum modulus of elasticity of 40,000 MPa, strength - 1000 MPa;
* Operating temperature range from -70 to +100 degrees Celsius.
As shown by the results of field tests, fiberglass reinforcement with a diameter of 8 mm is comparable in strength characteristics to a metal analogue with a diameter of 12 mm.
By weight 1 km of metal reinforcement will be more than 400 kg, while fiberglass only 65 kg.
When stretching, the relative elongation of composite reinforcement is 5.6%.
The areas of use of our valves are not limited. According to its performance it is an ideal reinforcement for the foundation, floor slabs, foam concrete and other products from light and heavy concrete. It is successfully used in road construction, especially where increased strength of coatings is required. Often used as a particularly durable fiberglass flexible connection of multilayer stone walls of various objects of the residential and manufacturing segment.
Currently, there are two types of structural relationships:
* for communication of the bearing brick walls with a facing brick;
* for communication of the bearing monolithic walls with a facing brick.
Fields of application of fiberglass composite reinforcement are constantly expanding, along with the development of new experimental data. But now we can conclude that it is much more profitable than metal reinforcement in terms of cost, stronger than it, has a higher strength and the ability to regain shape after stress.

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Price on request
Minimum batch : 1 ton
Price on request
Minimum batch : 1 ton
Price on request
Minimum batch : 1 ton
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