Rules of the Sale of Goods and Services

Rules for the sale of goods and services

This document constitutes the obligatory conditions under which the Service of Global Rus Trade LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Copyright Holder") may be used in order to sell goods and services to the Buyers.

  1. Terms and Definitions
    1. In this document and the resulting or related relationship, the following terms and definitions apply:
      1. Rules : the text of this document with all applications, changes and additions to it, posted on the Site and available on the Internet at: .
      2. Seller : A user who has completed the registration procedure on the Site in the status of "Company" and uses, has used or intends to use the functionality of the Site and / or the Service provided on its basis to search for Buyers in order to conclude a Deal with them.
      3. Buyer : A user who has completed the registration procedure on the Site and uses, has used or intends to use the functionality of the Site and / or the Service provided on its basis to select and purchase goods and / or services. The Buyer can be a User registered in the "Company" status.
      4. Goods : goods, services, information about which the Seller places (intends to place) in the Service.
      5. Transaction : an agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller, the subject of which is the sale by the Seller to the Buyer of goods and / or services.
      6. В2С : section of the Service for Individual Buyers.
    2. In these Rules, terms and definitions that are not defined in clause 1.1 of the Rules may be used. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is made in accordance with the text of the Rules. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term or definition in the text of the Rules, one should be guided by its interpretation, defined: first of all, by the User Agreement and the Mandatory Documents specified therein, secondly, by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and subsequently by business customs and scientific doctrine.
  2. General Provisions
    1. These Rules are an integral and integral part of the User Agreement posted and / or available on the Internet at (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), as well as the Rules for the provision of information services posted and / or available on the Internet at .
    2. Placement of information about the Goods in the Service, as well as the use of other functionality of the Service for the sale of goods and services to Buyers, is allowed subject to the proper state registration of the Seller and the provision of supporting documents to the Copyright Holder.
    3. Placing information about the Goods in B2C is allowed provided that the Seller ensures the acceptance of payments from individuals and the delivery of goods (conclusion of contracts with payment services and delivery services).
    4. The Seller accepts and agrees that any information and materials about the Goods posted on the Service can be used by the Copyright Holder in order to promote the Service, including being distributed as part of the Copyright Holder's advertising and information materials.
  3. Requirements for information about the Goods
    1. Full and reliable provision of information about the Product is a prerequisite for its posting on the Service. In the event that the provision of information was made by the Seller incompletely, inaccurately or in violation of the requirements of these Rules, other agreements concluded with the Copyright Holder or applicable law, the Copyright Holder has the right not to carry out or suspend the posting of information about the Goods.
    2. The information about the Goods must contain the following data (in the applicable part):
      1. properties of a product or service;
      2. place of production of goods or place of provision of services;
      3. terms of purchase;
      4. unit of measure, price and total value;
      5. possible methods and procedure for payment;
      6. terms and conditions of delivery of goods;
      7. shelf life of the goods;
      8. lifetime;
      9. guarantee period;
      10. weight
      11. sizes.
    3. Information about the Goods posted in B2C must include information provided for by applicable consumer protection legislation, including the rules for the sale of certain types of goods and the rules for the distance sale of goods.
    4. Information about the Goods should not contain obscene expressions, insults, false information, offers of mediation, expressions of extremist content, calls for violence, threats, should not contain information that discredits, offends, denigrates honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of others Users or third parties, requests for material assistance, should not advertise other Internet sites and services, contain information about cruelty to animals, incitement to suicide, promote incitement to racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, and also contain other information that may violate the rights and legitimate interests of other Users or third parties.
    5. It is forbidden to post information about the following types of Products:
      1. goods that infringe on the copyrights of third parties;
      2. counterfeit, falsified goods or services (including replicas);
      3. pornographic images and / or images that are offensive, incl. manifestation of cruelty;
      4. poisons, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, steroids, drugs, other products that pose a danger to the health of consumers, devices for their use and delivery outside the Russian Federation;
      5. medicines, with the exception of medicinal herbs, medicinal raw materials obtained from reindeer husbandry (antlers and endocrine raw materials);
      6. gambling (including payment for casino chips, gambling services, online casinos), lotteries, betting services;
      7. firearms and spare parts for them, edged weapons, explosives;
      8. encryption technology and regulatory and technical documentation for its production and use;
      9. special technical means designed to secretly obtain information, regulatory and technical documentation for their production and use;
      10. waste of radioactive materials, explosives, as well as waste containing precious and rare earth metals and precious stones;
      11. X-ray equipment, instruments and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes;
      12. strategic materials, weapons, ammunition for them, military equipment, spare parts, components and devices for them, explosives, explosives, gunpowder, all types of rocket fuel, as well as special materials and special equipment for their production, special equipment for personnel paramilitary organizations and regulatory and technical products for their production and operation, rocket and space complexes, communications and military control systems and regulatory and technical documentation for their production and operation, chemical warfare agents, means of protection against them and regulatory and technical documentation for their production and use, uranium, other fissile materials and products from them, the results of research and design work, as well as fundamental exploratory research on the creation of weapons and military equipment.
    6. It is also prohibited to post information on the following Products in the B2C section:
      1. tobacco products;
      2. alcohol, ethyl alcohol;
      3. other goods or services, the free sale of which is prohibited or limited by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the legislation of the country where the Seller is located.
    7. The Rightholder has the right at any time to demand from the Seller additional information or documents confirming information about the Goods and / or the legitimacy of the Seller's activities to sell them, as well as suspend or limit the posting of information about the Goods until the requested documents and information are provided.
  4. Obligations of the Seller
    1. The seller undertakes:
      1. Verify information about the Goods before it is posted on the Service for compliance with these Rules and applicable law;
      2. Post information about the Goods in accordance with these Rules;
      3. Provide the Copyright Holder with complete and reliable information about the Product and the Seller within 2 (Two) business days from the receipt of the relevant request from the Copyright Holder;
      4. At the request of the Copyright Holder, within 3 (Three) business days, provide documents and licenses (duly certified copies), confirming the legality of the Seller's implementation of activities to sell the Goods;
      5. Ensure the relevance of information about the Goods;
      6. Suspend the posting of information about the Goods that cannot be sold to the Buyer within the stated time frame for any reason;
      7. Properly execute the sale of the Goods under Transactions, including, draw up and send to the Buyer cash receipts in cases stipulated by law;
      8. Properly fulfill their obligations under the Transaction concluded with the Buyer;
      9. Consider in good faith the Buyers' claims regarding the execution of the Transaction and refund the funds to the Buyer in the event of improper execution of the Transaction by the Seller;
      10. Check for notifications of the Copyright Holder on the Site (including in the Personal Account) and at the email address specified when using the Service;
      11. Notify the Rightholder and provide the Rightholder with information that the Seller encourages the writing of reviews in the Service with remuneration in any form;
      12. To fulfill other obligations and comply with the requirements provided for by these Rules, the Agreement, including the Mandatory Documents, as well as applicable law.
  5. Warranties and liability
    1. The seller guarantees that:
      1. The information provided to the Copyright Holder and posted on the Service is true;
      2. The Seller has received all the necessary licenses and other permits from authorized state bodies to carry out its activities, or that the activities of the Seller in accordance with the requirements of applicable law do not require a special permit / license / certificate, and also performed all other actions required by applicable law to carry out activities by the Seller;
      3. The Seller understands and accepts that the Buyer may refuse to execute the Transaction due to various circumstances, including due to claims to the Seller's Products or the Buyer's bad faith. The Copyright Holder is not responsible for the Buyer's refusal from the Transaction or its improper execution by the Buyer.
    2. If the use of the Service by the Seller entailed the presentation of claims, claims and / or orders for damages (payment of compensation) from third parties and / or state authorities to the Copyright Holder, or the initiation of an administrative offense case, the Seller undertakes to immediately, upon the request of the Copyright Holder, provide him with all the requested information regarding the subject of the dispute, and assist the Copyright Holder in the settlement of such claims, as well as reimburse all losses (including legal costs, costs of paying fines) caused to the Copyright Holder as a result of the presentation, consideration and execution of such claims, claims, orders, as well as bringing to administrative liability in connection with violation of the rights of third parties and / or current legislation.
    3. The Rightholder is not responsible for any losses of the Seller, regardless of whether the Rightholder could have foreseen the possibility of such losses, including if the Rightholder was notified of the possibility of losses.
  6. Final provisions
    1. These Rules come into force from the moment they are posted on the Site and are valid until they are canceled by the Copyright Holder.
    2. The Copyright Holder reserves the right to amend the terms of these Rules and / or cancel the Rules at any time at its discretion. Information about the change or revocation of the Rules is communicated to the Seller at the option of the Copyright Holder by posting on the Website, in the Seller's Personal Account, or by sending a notification to the email address specified by the Seller when using the Service.
    3. In case of revocation of the Rules or amendments to the Rules, the latter come into force from the moment the information is brought to the Seller, unless another date of their entry into force is determined by the Rules or additionally with such a message.
    4. In the event that one or more provisions of the Rules are for any reason invalid, unenforceable, such invalidity does not affect the validity of any other provision of the Rules, which remain in force.
  7. Details of the Copyright Holder

    Limited Liability Company "Global Rus Trade"

    OGRN: 1157746506170; INN: 7733237194;

    Legal address: 119072, Moscow, Bolotnaya embankment, house 3, building 2, room I.