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1 year
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Russian , English
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Company description

Agrarco LLC is an export-oriented agricultural company. It was established in March 2017 as a result of the merger of three agricultural companies and is currently one of the leading companies in Azerbaijan operating in the production and export of fresh fruits and hazelnuts. Our company annually expands its portfolio by including new areas and increasing production volume. Our company annually produces about 5,000 tons of fresh apples. All our apple orchards are located in the northern region of Azerbaijan, in particular in the Gusar region. At present, our company owns 200 hectare apple orchards created by the intensive planting method. Apple orchards are expanding every year and, in addition, by bringing young trees to a mature state, productivity is growing. All cuttings and seedlings were brought from France and Italy. More than half of fresh apples are consumed in the local Azerbaijani market. We provide our customers with such popular varieties of apples as Gala, Golden Delicious, Crimson Crisp, Jeromine, Fuji, Braeburn and others. Bright view, beautiful the aroma and peculiar taste of our products predetermine them as the best choice for our customers. The other half of the apples is exported, in particular to the market of the Russian Federation. As you know, Russia is the largest importer of fresh apples in the world and apples from Azerbaijan occupy a special place for buyers of this country. Negotiations are underway with the Gulf countries, including companies from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE regarding apple exports and the export will begin in the near future. Fresh fruit production is not limited to apples. We also grow nectarines, peaches, apricots, plums, pears, cherries, persimmons and other fruits and have already begun to harvest high crops from mature orchards. Many gardens are young and every year we expand the area under cultivation by planting new varieties. The main mission of our company is to process fresh products grown in the native lands of Azerbaijan in environmentally friendly conditions, using hygienically clean technologies that meet international standards, and provide them ready-made to our customers. Our goal is to become the largest fresh fruit export company in Azerbaijan and take a leading position in promoting our country's products on the international market. Customer satisfaction with our products is a priority for us and all our activities are developing in this direction. In sowing hazelnuts (hazelnuts), our company has reached the highest level in Azerbaijan - more than 2000 hectares of sown area. Walnut orchards are located in the northern and northwestern regions of Azerbaijan. The most popular variety that we grow is the local variety of Azerbaijan - Atababa nuts, originally from the Zagatala region. Currently, this variety is the most preferred choice among farmers. Its round shape, high fat content (60-65%), easy peeling after roasting, and a sweet, distinctive taste make Atababa variety an ideal ingredient for the chocolate and confectionery industry. Not surprisingly, the largest importers of this Azerbaijani variety are German and Italian confectionery giants. The main goal of Agrarco LLC is the cultivation of organic fruits in the beautiful nature of Azerbaijan and the easy and quick delivery of these delicious products to customers. Our future goal is to become a leading company in promoting the agricultural products of Azerbaijan in the world market. We invite you to our company and to our beautiful gardens!
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город Баку, Проспект Нефтяников 153
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