Гусевской Хрустальный завод / Flower vase "Alice" amber

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Гусевской Хрустальный завод / Vase "Cranberry" turquoise

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Buying beautiful crystal vases to decorate your apartment or house is a common desire. They look very luxurious and can be found in expensive restaurants, luxury hotels and ornate offices. The presence of such a product in the interior is a sign of the owner's good taste.

Buy crystal vases

Buying a Russian crystal flower vase is a common solution. However, there are other types of these products:

  • classic for fruits and sweets;
  • with a stem;
  • jardinieres (low, tapered);
  • floor vases;
  • round;
  • in the form of an amphora or jug.

Distinguish between standard, transparent, colorless and colored crystal. The latter is most often used in modern interiors.

  1. Characteristic melodic ringing. It is also called "song". Do not bang on the product with your fingernail. Better to lightly hit it with a pencil. Pure sound is a sign of pure crystal.
  2. Sparkle. The material must refract light in a special way. If you look through a vase at a light bulb, you will see sparks. Edges and highlights shimmer.
  3. Marking. The presence of the word Crystalline on the label means that the lead oxide in the product is up to 15 percent. In the crystal, it should be 16-30 percent. On the label, you can find data on the impurities that give the shade.
  4. Cost. It shouldn't be too low. Crystal cannot be cheap. Especially when it comes to the handmade glassblower - a unique product will be at least five times more expensive than stamping.

Online store of crystal vases

Most people decide to buy crystal vases online. Unlike an offline store, the Internet offers a wide range of manufacturers and models. The space in the room is limited, and the entire catalog of goods can be placed on the pages of the site.

In addition, on the Internet, a product made of real crystal can be bought at a bargain price, inexpensively. Our online store does not need to rent retail space and hire additional employees. This will neutralize the margins, and the price of crystal vases will be the same as the manufacturer.

These pieces look great in a dozen styles:

  • shabby chic and boho,
  • minimalism and Scandinavian,
  • futurism and hi-tech,
  • Baroque or Art Deco.

Here you will definitely find an option that suits your interior.