KYOCERA / Toner Cartridge Kyocera TK-1110 for Kyocera FS-1040/1020/1120

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Price 316.55 USD

KYOCERA / Toner Cartridge Kyocera TK-160 for Kyocera FS-1120D

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Price 416.63 USD

NV PRINT CF283A Cartridge for HP LaserJet Pro M125 / M126 / M127 / M201 / M22

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Price 23.02 USD

Cartridge NV PRINT NV-113R00737 for Xerox Phaser 5335

Vendor code

Price 102.86 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01445 yellow for Xerox Ph 7500

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Price 1,047.31 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01443 cyan for Xerox Ph 7500

Vendor code

Price 1,087.41 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01412 black for Xerox Ph 3300

Vendor code

Price 175.37 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01374 black for Xerox Ph 3250

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Price 194.03 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R02310 black for Xerox WC 3315/3325

Vendor code

Price 462.1 USD

Inkjet Cartridge HP 773C C1Q41A Light Magenta for HP DJ Z6800

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Price 684.45 USD

HP 30A CF230A LJ Pro M203 / M227 Ink Cartridge

Vendor code

Price 232.25 USD

EPSON / Inkjet cartridge Epson T1283 C13T12834012 Magenta

Vendor code

Price 47.33 USD

EPSON / Inkjet cartridge Epson T1281 C13T12814012 black

Vendor code

Price 47.33 USD

EPSON / Inkjet cartridge Epson T0796 C13T07964010 light magenta

Vendor code

Price 100.22 USD

EPSON / Inkjet cartridge Epson T0794 C13T07944010 yellow

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Price 100.22 USD

In our marketplace, you can buy toner cartridges, which means you purchase a high-quality consumable that is used for refuelling laser printers. Laser printers, despite their high cost and complexity in manufacturing, are quite common. It is largely due to the fact that toner cartridges are refillable.

Toner cartridges for printers

What is a toner cartridge? To put it very simply, an image in colors or black and white image is applied to the paper with paint. If it is already diluted with water, it is called ink. If it is in a powdery state, it is toner.

The black toner cartridge will only print in one color. However, the industry also produces red, blue and yellow fine ink that, when combined with black, produces color images. These are the color toner cartridges.

The production technology has remained practically unchanged since the invention. The difference is that more technologically advanced paints cost less. At the same time, they give a richer, deeper color.

Particles of paint, originally faceted, are now rounded. Due to this, it turned out to significantly increase the clarity of the image and the smoothness of tones.

Toner Cartridge Kit

An original toner cartridge is objectively the best option to buy. Although powder paint is widely used for household purposes, it is extremely dangerous. Small particles outside the block are deposited on the lungs, causing coughing, allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Therefore, a poor-quality product with spilled powder can be fatal. Do not purchase counterfeit, remanufactured or refilled cartridges. If you want to save some money, it is better to buy compatible toner cartridges for your printer - their price is slightly lower than that of the original ones.

Our online store sells licensed and compatible products with worldwide delivery.

Powder paint cannot boast of being cheap, so there are a lot of fakes on the market. When buying, pay attention to the labeling and the price. A biased low cost almost always indicates a fake.

Experts categorically do not recommend to do the replacement of the toner cartridge yourself. If you nevertheless decide on this, do not neglect a protective mask and gloves - take care of your health.