Этель / Dinner set "New Year's Fair"

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Price 142.9 USD

Этель / Tablecloth Provence 220x150 +/- 3cm

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Price 71.23 USD

Этель / Classic Track 40 * 146 cm

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Price 18.55 USD

ВиЭлСи / Tablecloth "Garland"

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Price 26.63 USD

Этель / Tablecloth "New Year Forest"

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Price 79.19 USD

Этель / Tablecloth "Love", 110x147 cm

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Price 41.14 USD

Этель / Ethel / Tablecloth "Exotic Garden" d = 150 cm

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Price 60.71 USD

Этель / Napkin gray, 33 * 48 cm, 500 g / m2, 100% cotton

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Price 12.04 USD

Доляна / Tablecloth "Magic City"

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Price 41.56 USD

Buying tablecloths and napkins is a great solution if you want to decorate your dining table. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to guests neatness, thriftiness and wealth. Special tablecloths and napkin sets and kits that can be bought inexpensively in our online store are suitable for restaurants, cafes and canteens.

Tablecloths and napkins

Beautiful tablecloths and napkins are used by zealous owners not only for the sake of aesthetics. Table linen or white cotton napkins and tablecloths also protect the table from scratches and stains. Agree, it is much easier to wash the fabric than to change the countertop. Especially if the table is made of expensive wood or other expensive material.

Catering establishments prefer to buy napkins tablecloths in the online store. It is cheaper, and very high quality beautiful kits can be purchased inexpensively, and there is more choice in the catalog. In addition, you can order delivery.

Individuals buy tablecloths and napkins on the table:

  • for a festive feast (anniversary, birthday, baby shower);
  • as an element of interior decor (matching the style of the kitchen or dining area);
  • as table protection, especially if there are small children in the house;
  • as a gift for newlyweds or for housewarming friends, relatives.

Table textiles can look stylish and sophisticated or fun and fresh - depending on the chosen color and configuration.

Tablecloths and napkins made of fabric

Our online store of tablecloths and napkins offers a large selection of high-quality, durable products. Here you can find products of various shapes:

  1. square,
  2. rectangular,
  3. round,
  4. oval.

The composition of the fabric is also different: felt, cotton, linen, terry, and so on. Some are suitable for special occasions, others for everyday use.

You can choose a classic gastronomic pattern or geometric, thematic (New Year's style, Russian style) or for children. In our marketplace you will find products suitable for any interior - from classics and baroque to art deco and provence.

Note that the napkins do not have to be in the same range as the tablecloth. They can contrast with it or be of the same tone, but in a different color. Choose according to other interior elements:

  • curtains and wallpaper,
  • cushions for the kitchen sofa,
  • a set of towels,
  • paintings on the walls.

Pleasant prices and a huge selection will delight the connoisseur of beauty and comfort in the house.