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Soft toys: Bears, Pandas, Bunnies and other animals under the TM Favorite toy

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Cost of goods
299.00 RUB / PCs
299.00 RUB / PCs
2272.19 AMD / PCs
6.82 AUD / PCs
8.08 AZN / PCs
8.20 BGN / PCs
18.31 BRL / PCs
9.70 BYN / PCs
6.26 CAD / PCs
4.64 CHF / PCs
32.78 CNY / PCs
106.82 CZK / PCs
31.28 DKK / PCs
4.19 EUR / PCs
3.75 GBP / PCs
37.18 HKD / PCs
1355.65 HUF / PCs
329.78 INR / PCs
511.45 JPY / PCs
331.28 KGS / PCs
5508.49 KRW / PCs
1804.56 KZT / PCs
86.40 MDL / PCs
40.53 NOK / PCs
17.86 PLN / PCs
19.78 RON / PCs
44.13 SEK / PCs
6.45 SGD / PCs
44.92 TJS / PCs
16.64 TMT / PCs
27.43 TRY / PCs
124.49 UAH / PCs
4.76 USD / PCs
40749.19 UZS / PCs
68.17 ZAR / PCs
Minimum lot : 20 PCs
Languages spoken by employees
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1 year 4 months
Experience in countries
ru Russia
Таможенного союза

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Product description

 Our specialization for many years is the production of high-quality soft toys under the label "Favorite toy". Now everyone has an opportunity to buy soft toys directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries.

General characteristics

Favorite toy
Our toys are different original design, plenty of images, variety of used materials, colors and sizes. They are a great gift for children and loved ones! The toys are made from environmentally friendly materials: high quality plush, velour, fur and hypoallergenic holofiber. Are not deformed and do not lose appearance when machine washing. Your order is processed instantly by our managers, and within 2-3 days, specially for You, manufactured and sent by any transportation company in any point of Russia. The range includes soft toys from very small to large six-foot bears. The main principle of activity of our company is the maximum quality at the lowest prices. All the toys were laboratory studies and certified. Our company obtained the certificate of conformity TR CU. It is also possible to order a stuffed toy - "souvenir" with Your company logo custom stitched on Your sketches. Trying to meet the market demands, we are constantly expanding our range. I hope that our cooperation will be permanent and mutually beneficial.

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