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SHUTTER VALVES PN 14/21/35/70 MPa - Stop valves

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Item description

Gate valves PN 14/21/35/70 MPa are designed to be used as a locking device in the wellhead tying equipment, fountain and discharge fittings, pipelines with a transported medium temperature of not more than 120 ° C and presence of mechanical impurities up to 0.5% by volume .
Working environment - natural gas, water, steam, oil, oil products, liquid media, neutral to the materials of parts in contact with the environment.
Produced according to ST 1836-1917-01 -АО-01- 2013.
Climatic performance - U HL, T according to GOST 15150.
Gate valves are designed for operation in macroclimate regions in accordance with GOST 16350:
with a temperate climate - performance of U (N);
with a cold climate - execution XL (F);
with a moderate and cold climate - the performance of the UHL (NF).
Category of locating the valves in accordance with GOST 15150-1.
Latches are manufactured in three corrosion-resistant designs in accordance with GOST 13846:
K1 - for wells with a volume content of C02 to 6%, K2 - for a well environment with a volume content of C02 and H2S to 6%,
KZ - for wells with a volume content of СО ^ and H2S up to 25%
* and in a non-corrosive design for a well environment with a volumetric content of C02 and H2S to 0.003% and for wastewater.
The appearance of the valves, the main overall dimensions and weights must meet the requirements of the design documentation.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of valves that do not degrade performance.
Direction of supply of working environment - any.
The coefficient of hydraulic resistance of the valves is not more than 0.1
The mounting position of the valves is any.
The valve is controlled by a hand drive (flywheel).
Turning the handwheel clockwise corresponds to the closure of the valve.
Connection to the pipeline - flanged according to GOST 28919 or according to working drawings.
The valves have a pointer for visual control of the end positions of the gate.
Latches are designed to work at the extreme positions of the valve "open" or "closed".
The use of valves as control devices is prohibited!

General characteristics

Body parts
at least 30 years
Full average life
at least 15 years
Knife gate valves belong to the class
repairable, recoverable operation products
not less than 500 cycles
The warranty period
24 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 26 months from the date of shipment from the factory
Total average life
not less than 1500 cycles

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Minimum quantity : 1 PCs
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 1 PCs
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 1 PCs
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 1 PCs