Доляна / Tea set "Happy New Year", 12 items

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Price 87.13 USD

Доляна / Tea set "Christmas", 12 items

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Price 83.98 USD

Галактика г.Гжель / Cup "Gift. Bullfinches"

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Price 30.77 USD

Галактика г.Гжель / Cup "Grace"

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Галактика г.Гжель / Cup "Morning"

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Галактика г.Гжель / Cup with stand "Duet"

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Price 68.1 USD

Веселый фарфор / Cheerful porcelain / Spice set "Border outpost"

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Веселый фарфор / Cheerful porcelain / Set for spices "Fire Department" "

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Price 23.43 USD

Веселый фарфор / Cheerful porcelain / Set for spices "Military unit"

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Price 23.43 USD

Perhaps, any zealous owner who cares about the beauty and comfort of his home, one day decides to buy porcelain dishes. Some people inherited the porcelain dinnerware tea set from their grandparents. Others prefer to buy porcelain tea cups, teapots, sugar bowls and spice kits from an online store.

Porcelain tableware for home

It is very profitable to buy porcelain dishes in the online store. Offline stores are spent on leasing retail space and hiring sales managers and consultants. Therefore, they are forced to inflate the total cost of goods.

In addition, not everyone can afford to rent vast areas and display all products on display windows. Online stores and marketplaces don't have such problems.

We have a large selection, reasonable prices, we offer door-to-door delivery. We work only with trusted manufacturers, so you can be sure of the quality of the products.

The beautiful chineese porcelain dishes, that is for sale in our shop, will add luxury to your standard meal or tea party. Bright patterns on the products look magical and sophisticated.

  • You can look at the image of a summer or winter village and dream of being there in reality.
  • You can add appetite to everyone at the table with Cuban motives.
  • You can give a foreigner a cup and sugar bowl with the Moscow Kremlin for memory.
  • You can give a military or firefighter a themed spice set and please a friend.

The price of porcelain tableware depends on the size of the item and the availability of hand painting.

Porcelain dinnerware

Casual porcelain kitchen utensils and dinnerware are very popular due to their advantages:

  1. Nice appearance and high-quality workmanship;
  2. Safety and environmental friendliness;
  3. Perfectly flat surface and ability to keep warm;
  4. Resistant to detergents;
  5. Lack of ageing (loss of gloss, abrasion),
  6. Can be washed in the dishwasher.

However, such objects are fragile, they cannot be thrown on the floor, dropped from the table. Therefore, they are not suitable for kindergarten children.

In addition to being practical, porcelain dishes also have an aesthetic function. That is, you can use it every day or put it on a shelf for beauty, getting it out on especially significant occasions.

Our online store of porcelain tableware offers to purchase goods at a bargain price and please loved ones.