Lika Dress / Sintepon mattress toppers, 160x200

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Lika Dress / Sheep mattress covers

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Lika Dress / Sheep mattress covers

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Lika Dress / Sintepon mattress toppers, 90x200

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Lika Dress / Waterproof stretch mattress cover, 160x200

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Lika Dress / Waterproof stretch mattress cover, 180x200

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Cotton teak mattress

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How to choose and buy mattresses correctly? This question is asked by almost all owners of beds (both single and double). Moreover, both at the moment of direct purchase, and at the moment when the old mattress has served its purpose, it must be thrown away and replaced with a new one. In our online store you can find a lot of different kinds of mattrasses for sale that are affordable. We will tell you how to find the best mattress suitable just for you.

Orthopedic mattresses

Orthopedic mattresses for beds, popular lately, in fact, is not quite correct to call that. What is mass-called by manufacturers as an orthopedic product is in fact anatomical.

  • The first ones are used exclusively by people with problems in the back, spine. They are tough and are medicinal products. This is actually the treatment that the doctor prescribes.
  • The latter are comfortable, help to fix the sleeping person's spine in the correct position. They do not allow curvature of the body, can be used daily.

But people en masse call these products orthopedic, so the manufacturers speak about this in the product card. Anatomical products are, of course, inexpensive. And at the same time, ensure yourself a comfortable sleep.

It's so nice to wake up in the morning, get out of your bed completely slept and full of strength and energy for the whole next day! The resting place plays an important role in the sleep process.

In the case of the younger generation, this issue is no less important. Mattresses for children need to be chosen even more carefully than mattresses for adults. Indeed, in childhood, due to the wrong posture during sleep and an uncomfortable bed, you can get problems with the spine, which will torment your whole life.

Mattress store

In our catalog you can find a huge number of products to choose from. It's easy with us. You can buy your favorite foam mattresses or other type of product by clicking on the corresponding button on the website page. That's all. Now wait for delivery.

  • Someone is trying to choose a model with a memory effect, relying on the properties of high-tech foam, produced with the addition of hydrocarbons.
  • Some people like springless models: they are quiet, easy to transport and lightweight, reliable and durable.
  • Some people like spring mattresses with dependent or independent springs. The former mattresses creak, absorb dust and squeeze over time, but are cheap, the latter, on the contrary.
  • Someone is fundamentally looking for exotic water models, expensive, difficult to install and requiring additional maintenance, but definitely unusual and quite comfortable.

Before purchasing, decide not only on the type, but also on such a parameter as stiffness. There are tables of correlation between the rigidity of the product, weight and height of a person. Do not forget about the size, height, type of cover and mattress topper, fillers. The last parameter is very important. Natural fillers include hevea-based latex, coconut coir, horsehair, sisal, wool, batting. To artificial latex based on polyurethane foam, memoriforms, holofiber and so on.