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Manufacture of non-standard products according to customer's drawings, laser or plasma cutting

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Item description

OOO "Tchaikovsky Plant" Mechanics "has been operating on the metal products market since 2001. The main specialization of the enterprise is the processing of sheet metal. High-precision modern equipment and highly qualified specialists allow to carry out a full cycle of production from design to painting and packaging of finished products. Also the enterprise has an opportunity to produce non-standard products according to the customer's drawings.
OOO "The mechanic of the Tchaikovsky plant" has:
1. Design Bureau for the development and preparation of technical documentation.
2. Production of billets:
* Complex for cutting CNC sheet materials (including laser cutting);
* Coordinate stamping machines with numerical control (thickness of the processed metal from 0,5 to 3 mm, dimensions of the processed sheet 1250x2500 mm);
* bending machines with numerical program control;
* Press equipment with a force of up to 160 tons;
* rolling equipment.
3. Welding production:
* semi-automatic welding machines;
* apparatuses for argon-arc welding of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel;
* Devices for capacitor welding of earth studs and various electrical contacts.
4. Machining of parts:
* Turning, milling and coordinate boring machines;
* Machining centers with numerical control (maximum dimensions of the part are 1020х510х625 mm and 976х576х617 mm);
* Equipment for flat grinding.
5. Manufacture of paints:
* Powder coating line - allows you to paint products in any color in the RAL catalog.
6. Manufacture of plastic products:
* Thermoplastic automatic machines (injection volume 5 cm³) for the manufacture of products of varying degrees of complexity.
We can solve the most difficult problems.
Also our company provides the following services:
- Laser cutting services.
Laser cutting of metals is used for the precise processing of shaped parts, parts that can not be processed in any other way because of their brittleness, low stiffness, high hardness, or too difficult to handle in other ways.
- Bending of metal with the use of modern presses with CNC control allows you to work on the bending of almost any complexity and at any angle. The high bending accuracy of the metal ensures the stability and uniformity of the bent assemblies, especially important for further operations on such details as welding, assembly or painting. We conduct a bending of metal up to 3 mm and practically with any possible radius of bending. Our factory is flexible up to 2.5 meters.
- Welding. We have contact, an electric arc, welding with argon and choosing the right one for each product. Thanks to the use of the most modern welding machines, we obtain a very high quality of welded joints. There are practically no restrictions on metals.
- Painting of products is made by powder paint on the basis of epoxy resins, to protect against corrosion of metal structures and products under different operating conditions. Modern equipment provides not only a picture, but also a technological process of preparation of metal surfaces of parts before painting.
- Coatings obtained by electrostatic spraying followed by high-temperature reflow (polymerization process) have a number of advantages over other types of coatings:
* Coatings have good adhesion to metal, high hardness and elasticity, heat resistance;
* Chemically resistant to aggressive environments (acids, solutions, all types of oils, gases, solvents);
* high electrical insulating properties;
do not change the mechanical properties of the material;
* long service life of parts and components with this coating;
* Reduced costs compared to other types of protective coatings.
Decorative protective coatings based on epoxy powder compositions practically completely protect metal structures and parts from corrosion.
Also our company is engaged in serial and small-scale processing of metal parts.
Vertical machining centers with CNC provide the ideal processing of any part.
* The maximum size of the table is 1200x600 mm;
* mass of billet up to 800 kg;
* The maximum height of the workpiece is 625 mm.

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