The clay toy industry in Kovrovo is one of the oldest, with a history of more than 800 years. The town, located on the Klyazma River, has been producing clay products since the 12th century. For hundreds of years, pottery production here has undergone a very long process of development.

Clay toys

The works of the masters from Kovrovo were so skilful that they were purchased for the children of royal families. During the Soviet period, the art was almost lost. But it began to be revived by enthusiasts during the time of Perestroika, and today it is again a joy to behold with its masterpieces.

The traditional clay toy was handmade, using red clay. In its modern form, it is made of blue clay. Red clay now goes only for finishing or as a binder. The finished product of clay is poured with surik.

Kovrov clay toy factory strictly follows the traditions of Russian folk craft. The products have distinctive features:

  1. Clear detailing of all elements.
  2. Bright color scheme.
  3. Only the palette of the Vladimir school of painting is used.
  4. There is a plot - scenes of folklife or mythological characters are depicted.

Characteristically, pagan motifs have survived despite the adoption of Christianity on the territory. The most common images are of the god Yarilo (the sun) and the bird Sirin (good luck).

Almost all subjects are life-affirming, mostly holidays. Often a group of figures depicts some kind of humorous scene.

Buy Kovrov clay toys for kids online

Most people prefer to choose a carpet clay toy and buy it in the online store. It is very pleasant to browse through the catalog of products, choosing among the variety presented. The factory produces:

  • whistles and magnets,
  • candlesticks and decorative figurines,
  • objects for games.

Some clay toys are suitable for kids to play with:

  1. Animals,
  2. Girls and boys,
  3. Images of families,
  4. Fairy stories ("Repka", "Emelya with a pike"),
  5. New Year themes.

Some clay toys are worth buying for adults:

  1. Theme "Banya".
  2. Images of men and women.
  3. Theme of professions.

These are products with a rich history, which you can buy in our store at a low price and please yourself and your family.