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Dish elegant in the style of Gzhel №1

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Item description

ARTICLE: Dish smart №1
Size: 45Х45Х45 mm
If you want to make a gift to yourself or your friends in Russian folk style, it is best to buy Gzhel. Russian souvenir, which undoubtedly will appeal to anyone with good taste and appreciating folk art.
Gzhel - a type of artistic painting of porcelain with cobalt oxide. Ornate complex, surprisingly beautiful patterns in blue and blue tones on a white background resemble the motifs of Russian folk tales.
Invented and applied in Russia, got its name from the name of the area Gzhel (60 km. From Moscow). It is considered the traditional Russian style of painting. Activities associated with painting Gzhel refers to folk arts and crafts. It has a high artistic value, the national treasure of Russia.
The peculiarity of the Gzhel style is the plots of Russian folk tales and folk life, with a predominance of plant motifs and images of birds. Amazingly beautiful magic flowers, striking the imagination with their tenderness and refinement decorate dishes, vases and souvenirs of various shapes and purposes. And the birds? Of course, these can not beat! They can only be born in the imagination of the Russian artist, inspired by childhood dreams of epic heroes and magical heat birds.
Gzhel painting can be seen on samovars, dishes, plates, trays, dolls, statues, various kinds of memorable signs and various souvenirs.
Basically, Gzhel paint traditional Russian dishes, which are daily in daily use:
* dishes (trays for aspic and desserts);
* glasses and cups;
* candy dishes (for example, in the form of a swan or a lily);
* sets for spices (for example, in the form of nesting dolls);
* sugar bowls;
* dishes for serving (bowls, napkin holders, salad bowls);
* teapots.
Now there are several enterprises engaged in painting in the Gzhel style in Russia: 1 factory and several small art schools-workshops.
Ware, decorated in the style of Gzhel, does not belong to the category of cheap. The fact is that the technology provides only hand-painted. And this is done exclusively by professional artists who have thoroughly studied this style.

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Minimum quantity : 1 PCs
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Minimum quantity : 1 PCs
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Minimum quantity : 1 PCs