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Construction masonry basalt-plastic mesh (SBP-S)

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Wholesale price on request
Minimum wholesale party : 1 ton
Languages spoken by staff
Russian , English
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11 months
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Item description

The unique properties of SBP-S:
* Low weight (4-5 times than steel).
* Chemical resistance.
* Low heat conductor.
* Dielectric.
* Non-flammable material.
* Non corrosive material.
* High specific strength.
* Wide operating temperature range
A comparative analysis of metal and basalt nets revealed the following patterns:
* Basalt grids have a low thermal conductivity - 0.46 W / m2, and for metal this indicator is higher - up to 40 - 60 W / m2, i.e. about 100 times.
This means that the metal mesh, being in the wall, are "cold bridges";
* With the same diameter basalt plastic can withstand higher loads of stretching, bending and tearing out of the wall;
* The most common type of metal mesh (50x50x3 mm, 0.5x2 m) weighs 2.04 kg / m2, and the basalt grid 320-360 g / m2 (depending on the type of roving used and the percentage deposit of the binder), i.e. 4 to 5 times easier;
* Basalt nets are more resistant to aggressive media, including alkaline ones (mortars, concrete) and practically do not lose strength. Actually for these purposes they were developed.
* Basalt nets can not rust, because they do not contain metal;
* Basalt nets withstand a greater number of freezing and thawing cycles (it is no accident that they are used in the construction of roads, airfields, hydraulic structures, where temperature drops are especially noticeable).
Cost of 1m2:
- metal mesh about 120 rubles., with the price of metal currently reduced due to the economic situation.
- basaltic mesh 95-100 rubles, i.e. This grid is 20-25% cheaper.
* Basalt nets are more convenient to use.
* They are much lighter, they are delivered directly to the object, as a rule, 100, 200 cm wide, i.e. compact, take up little space.
* When working with the mesh, the hands are not injured, the mesh lies flat on the wall, is cut into rolls of the required width using metal shears, “secateurs”, knives with a cutting surface of increased hardness.
* The net can be cut into rolls up to 75 m long.
Taking into account all the comparative characteristics, tests showed the possibility of replacing steel meshes with basalt ones.
Thus, the basalt-impregnated construction mesh is a modern, efficient, relatively inexpensive, easy-to-use product that has been successfully used as a masonry and bond when reinforcing wall materials.

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Price on request
Minimum quantity : 1 ton
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 1 ton
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 1 ton
34.00 ₽/meter
Minimum quantity : 1 meter