EasyPrint LC-719H U cartridge

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Price 29.97 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01445 yellow for Xerox Ph 7500

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Price 1,242.33 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01443 cyan for Xerox Ph 7500

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Price 1,289.9 USD

XEROX / Toner Cartridge Xerox 106R01412 black for Xerox Ph 3300

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Price 208.02 USD

A printer is the name of a broad class of devices, which transfers information into a print form, in other words, onto paper. Ink or toner is stored in special compartments named cartridges. You can buy cartridges for printers in various versions since the compartments can be filled with already diluted paint (ink) or dry fine paint (toner).

Printer cartridges

You can buy cartridges for printing and fill them with strictly black paint, you can use a set of paints. The design itself varies greatly depending on the type of printer or MFP used.

For example, in the popular inkjet printer, ink from the compartment is fed through special nozzles and is applied to the paper in dots.

In laser models, the image of a future picture or text goes first to the photo roll, and powder paint (toner) is attracted through a special hole. The drum spins and toner hits the paper. Actually, in the form in which it was attracted.

Due to the technology used in the first case, ink is taken, in the second - toner.

Any online store of cartridges is replete with variety, and it can be difficult to figure it out without qualified advice. Contact a specialist who serves office equipment in your office. Or the master you turn to with home appliances.

Color cartridges

Let us give you advice: carefully study the consumables before buying in online stores or offline outlets. An incorrectly selected product may simply not fit or damage the printing device. Or the cost of operating it will be excessive.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the possibility of refueling. Some cartridge kits do not have this feature. Some require a specially trained worker and a workshop; it will not be possible to refuel them on your own.

In general, finding the optimal toner or ink for your printer model can be difficult. It is better to immediately purchase original or at least licensed black or color cartridges. As a last resort, compatible. The price of refueled or remanufactured products can be very attractive, and their sale is based on this, but the danger of running into a low-quality product is very high. It is a bad idea to buy a product cheap and then have the whole device repaired.

A wide variety of offers from trusted and reliable suppliers on the pages of our marketplace and the possibility of delivery to the door will allow you to choose the ideal option that satisfies you both in quality and cost.