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Bright Children's Wool Socks

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Minimum wholesale party : 100 PCs
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Item description

Products TM "Grandmother's socks" knit from high-quality wool, which our company buys in New Zealand. We do the yarn independently on our own imported equipment. New Zealand wool is environmentally friendly, easy to dye, resistant to pollution. To make it more silky, we add merino or goat wool to New Zealand wool. The strength of the yarn increases due to the 10% addition of chemical fiber.

Bright children's woolen socks in bulk from TM "Grandma's socks" - the best for children!
To warm your baby is a natural desire of every loving and caring mother, so in the wardrobe of most children you can find a lot of pairs of warm socks.
However, it is worth remembering that not all models of socks offered today deserve to warm children's feet. For example, synthetic options are absolutely not suitable for babies - in them restless people feel “like in a thermos”, the skin becomes moisturized and, as a result, legs can freeze. Of course, you can put kids in hand-knitted socks, but it is much better to choose cheap and high-quality models from yarn made using natural fibers. Such socks are created by our company, realizing them on the most favorable conditions.

TM "Grandmother's socks" offers a very wide selection of socks designed specifically for children. To create them, we use yarn, which we ourselves produce from New Zealand wool (it is in this region that a particularly thin, but durable and warm fleece is sheared from sheep). Before creating our children's woolen socks, we independently paint wool in bright colors, after which we make yarn.

Then knitting machines “come into play”, which allow to embody all the ideas of our designers. As a result, nice and cozy socks are born that are not inferior to handmade products. Actually, the very name of our brand - “Grandma's socks” is the best fit for the characteristics of our children's line. These are high-quality, bright and warm products that are well worn, because they are distinguished by a very comfortable rubber band, which does not squeeze the legs, but does not allow the toes to crawl, as well as sealed heels and toes.

If you need comfortable and cute baby woolen socks in bulk, then the best solution would be to buy them from us: at low prices, in a wide range and under very attractive conditions.

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Price on request
Minimum quantity : 100 PCs
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 100 PCs
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 100 PCs
Price on request
Minimum quantity : 100 PCs