Богородская игрушка / Wooden souvenir "Perch"

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Богородская игрушка / Wooden souvenir "Heron"

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The Bogorodsk wooden toy is one of the most recognizable types of Russian folk amusement. It is also one of the most ancient. Its history goes back over 350 years. Initially, small sculptures were created to entertain children. Subsequently, they became an art that received recognition throughout the world.

Bogorodsk carved wooden toys

Bogorodsk toys have become part of the life of the Russian people. Until now, the coat of arms of the Bogorodskoe village depicts a man and a bear with hammers in their hands. This is the most common motive.

Bogorodsk handmade wooden toy that depicts an animal, bear in particular, like others, is mobile. When turned on, wooden figures - a man and a bear - alternately hit the anvil with hammers. The design of the product is so well-thought-out that the mechanism can work for decades without requiring repair.

There are three differences between manual and factory production:

  • The handicrafts created carved wood sculptures by hand, and they were not painted. Products from the factory in Bogorodovo, on the other hand, are brightly colored.
  • Linden was used for hand carving. Harder types of wood are used for industrial products.
  • The figurines created by the hands of craftsmen are unique in design. Factory products are produced in thematic series.

In the Russian Empire, carved wooden toys were created only on a fairy-tale theme. During the USSR, several episodes were published, dedicated to important events. The rarest series depicts a manned flight into space. It appeared after the flight of Yuri Gagarin.

Buy Bogorodsk toy

In general, folk crafts and Bogorodsk infant toys, in particular, have always been very highly valued. The movement of the sculptures is due to a complex system of interaction of springs and counterweights.

Even in our age of robots with artificial intelligence, the system impresses with its thoughtfulness and impeccable work. No electronics, no power supply - just mechanics, perfected.

If you are looking for a custom gift with a rich history, moving sculptures from Bogorodovo are best.

In our store you will find the best samples, created strictly according to the canon using traditional technology. We are glad to offer you the opportunity to buy them with worldwide delivery.