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Set of bed linen lace made of cotton with embroidery

Артикул : 25920
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Русский , English , Deutsch , Français
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2 years 10 months
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Описание товара

Cotton embroidered bedding is the perfect gift for newlyweds. Lace and embroidered flowers create a romantic mood. Even if you have been married for a long time, let your life begin with a white lace bed, as with a clean slate.
Gorgeous lace on bedding will not leave anyone indifferent. Exquisite lace patterns cause delight and admiration. Bed linen with lace brings elegance and sensuality to the interior. Lacy bedding blends perfectly with the traditional, classic design of the room.
Beautiful lace bedding will not only delight the eye, but also contribute to pleasant dreams. Thanks to this kit, your bedroom will be transformed, and every evening you will take refuge in positive emotions and tranquil dreams.
High quality production allows bedding for a long time to maintain its original brightness and color. It is very durable and can withstand many washings without loss of quality.
The kit is packed in a beautiful, practical package and can be a good gift for your friends and relatives.
The embroidery in this set of bed linen: "Baratto" and "Richelieu"
Machine embroidery "Baratto", also known as "smooth surface", is performed on two needle industrial sewing machine with a shuttle stitch. Stitch - a fairly simple machine embroidery, in which the stitches are perpendicular to the guide. The contours of the intended pattern are drawn in a straight line, then tightly filled with stitches of different lengths. The surface is used as an independent embroidery, as well as in combination with other types of embroidery. The surface can be one-color and multi-color, simple without flooring and convex with flooring. The direction of the stitches can be vertical and horizontal with a slight tilt to the right or left side. Embroider the surface with thread floss and silk (on the tubes).
Machine embroidery "Richelieu" is the most famous type of openwork embroidery, which is distinguished by beauty and sophistication. A feature of Richelieu is that the lines of the pattern are lined with satin finish and only after that the fabric is cut out. If the inside of the formed slots is large, you can lay the bridged swept air stitches, which will serve as a connection to the opposite sides of the pattern, give the pattern additional strength and are an additional decorative element.

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