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Arbet® sealer - water and dirt-resistant impregnation for stone and concrete

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Price retail
3 000.00 ₽/PCs
Wholesale price on request
Minimum wholesale party : 1 PCs
Languages spoken by staff
Russian , English
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9 months
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Item description

Water and dirt repellent impregnation for stone and concrete
.Arbet® Siler is an odorless, liquid polymer based impregnating sealant to protect worktops, slabs, window sills and other natural stone and concrete products from the ingress of water, liquids, oils, fats and dirt. The drug is especially effective on a polished surface.
This prevents the formation of mold and the growth of bacteria inside the stone.
Arbet® Sealant gives color saturation - the effect of a wet stone, completely penetrates without the formation of a film. Thus, it seals the micropores from the inside. According to the test results, the drug is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation: it does not turn yellow and does not change the color of the stone under the influence of sunlight.
Arbet® Sealant is unique in that it is enough to apply it to the surface once (if necessary, in two or three layers) to provide long-term / long-lasting protection. Thus, unlike most other impregnations, it does not require constant and regular use.
The drug consumption is 50-70 g per 1 sq.m.
Consistency - Viscous Emulsion
Color - Honey Yellow
Smell - odorless
Solubility in water - insoluble - hardens under the influence of water and moisture
Shelf life at 20 ° C - 12 months in the original packaging
The drug consumption is 50-70 g per 1 sq.m.
At rest, it is stratified into two fractions, which must be mixed before use.
Application area:
* Products from flat and embossed stone,
* Matte and glossy / polished surfaces of marble, granite, concrete, gypsum, sandstone, limestone and other natural stones.
Instructions for use and precautions:
The impregnation is applied in a dry, dustless and well-ventilated room at a temperature of 20° C to 30° C. Rubber or latex gloves should be worn on the hands, which will be discarded after use.
Protect your eyes and mucous membranes from getting the drug on them. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.
If the medicine gets into your hands, you can wash it off with acetone or White spirit.
Before use, carefully read the instructions.
Instructions for use:
- clean the stone from dust and dirt, wipe with a damp cloth and make sure it is dry;
- prepare a small cotton fabric (approximately 50 x 100 mm) or a sponge and 2-3 large cotton fabrics (approximately 300 x 400 mm);
- prepare a stick or technical mixer for mixing the impregnation;
- wear rubber gloves;
- open the container with impregnation;
- thoroughly mix the contents with a prepared stick or a technical mixer until a homogeneous emulsion of light yellow honey is obtained. A uniform distribution of oil inclusions in the viscous fraction is allowed;
- take a small rag or sponge and moisten it with a large amount of impregnation;
- apply impregnation to the surface of the stone and gently and evenly apply it to the surface with a layer of about 0.5 mm. Make sure there are no open areas;
- process the surface no more than 1 sq.m. 1 time, because the impregnation quickly hardens;
- immediately after rubbing the impregnation onto the surface, take a large rag and rub the surface vigorously, removing excess;
- after that, take a clean rag and, finally, polish the surface to absolute smoothness, especially carefully treating the edges and relief details.
Make sure that there are no lumps of unrefined preparation on the surface;
- after 30-60 minutes, you can wipe it again with a dry rag or polisher with a felt nozzle for absolute shine;
- when applying to relief elements, make sure that the recesses and corners are also well processed and wiped;
- after application, allow the surface to dry for 24 hours until the drug is completely absorbed and polymerized;
- after 24 hours, the stone can be touched and used; or you can apply a second layer of impregnation by repeating the procedure and leaving for another 24 hours.
For stone or concrete products in an aggressive environment, with constant exposure to water, dirt or coloring liquids (for example, outdoors, in the kitchen or in the bathroom), we recommend applying sealant in 2–4 layers.

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